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Website Loading Speed

Google’s algorithms update and change around five hundred times a year, if not more. With so many algorithmic changes every year, it takes more and more analytical research to pinpoint the key algorithms that affect your site’s rankings. This is done to ensure that you focus your energy and time on improving those key indicators which Google’s algorithmic “spiders” are most sensitive to.

There is one factor that is often overlooked by webmasters, yet it is on of the most important factors with regards to Google’s algorithms. PAGE LOAD SPEED!!! If you ever read anything Google publishes, the phrase “customer experience”, “usability” and “ease of use” comes into play. Google doesn’t want their customers to have to wait forever for your website to load. If your website takes forever to load then it will not rank very high, or will drop suddenly in rankings. This is one of the first things any seo professional will analyse, and one of the easiest areas to fix.

There are many free resources on Google which will tell how fast or slow your page load speed is. Simply type “page load speed” into Google and you can quickly evaluate your website. If your page load speed is low, then it is in your site’s best interest to speed it up as fast as you can because in most instances it is the page load speed which is holding your website back from achieving the rankings it deserves (assuming you are already engaging in an active seo campaign).

Usually for wordpress users the issue is with one of your plugins. For html users, it could be that a video has been incorrectly uploaded and is taking up too much bandwidth and is slowing down your entire site.


Whatever the issue, it is vital that you address it and fix it. For all you know, it could be the difference between a first and second place Google ranking!!

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