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Allergic to Bullshit? Start using social media marketing

To quote Will Smith from the movie “I, Robot”, ”I’m sorry, I’m allergic to bull***t!”

For those of you who are wondering about what that line has to do with social media marketing and how it will help you with your online presence and success in 2014, I’ll get to that in a minute. Firstly, let me paint you a generic picture of the online presence of a guy called Mike, and see how much you can relate to him (fyi the more you can relate to him, the deeper of a hole you have created).

Mike is a personal trainer with his own fitness website where he sells products and his one on one coaching services. When Mike created the site, he focused on the outdated methods of SEO; he made sure to put his main keyword phrase in each paragraph so that Google would know what his site was about and rank him higher on Google. He then began doing his own SEO work on the website. As the website began ranking and bringing him in sales and new customers he outsourced his SEO to a professional company so that he could get even higher rankings and make even more sales. About now I’m sure some of you are wondering where the punch line is; Mike is making sales and ranking high on Google. After all, that is the dream, isn’t it?

The answer is yes- if of course this was still 2008 or 2010. However, we are about to enter 2014 and in that time Google has “surprised’’ us with hundreds of algorithmic updates, all of which have been geared towards making social media marketing, aka ‘social signals’ that much more prevalent to your online and digital strategy and success.

Social Signals = Social Media Marketing! Learn to love it

Now back to Mike. After a few years and several significant Google updates later, Mike is no longer ranking high on Google, even though he is paying even more on link building. And his old customers aren’t buying from him anymore. It’s like they’ve been ‘stolen’ away! Now for those of you who have gone through the same horrifying events, you will appreciate the advice I’m going to give Mike; start interacting with your customers and start getting social signals. Google loves social signals. It tells them that people actually like your site and its content (after all Google is all about user experience) and that you actually know what you’re talking about.

Secondly, by interacting with your customers and potential customers, you don’t give them a chance to be swept off their feet by anyone else. Think of your customers as the girl (or guy) you like, but haven’t spoken to yet. Stop procrastinating and go talk to her (him) before someone else does and steals them away from you. People that stumble upon your site are going to be naturally conservative, given the amount of bull***t on the web. It’s up to you to convince them not be allergic to your site. And if you get it right, not only will Google reward you but people will start buying from you.

Next post I will start going through some proactive steps that you can take. But until then, enjoy what is left of 2013 and I’ll see you in 2014!!

P.S. feel free to post comments with any specifics regarding social media marketing or social signals you would like me to elaborate on. The more questions you ask, the more content I can provide!


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