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Is Mobile Marketing the way of the future?

IPhones, Smartphones. Everyone has them. And everyone is spending more and more time on their mobile looking up places to go, restaurants, facts, new stories, their Facebook profiles, current news and even their stock portfolios. So it makes sense to make sure that your business has a mobile presence- especially if it fits into the category of business that gets searched for a lot on mobile. Right? As logical as that advice sounds, there are so many businesses that have completely ignored the importance and relevance of mobile marketing to their business. Just in case you are one of those business owners, let us show just a few of the benefits we have encountered in providing businesses with mobile optimised sites and active mobile marketing services

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Text Messaging Services

Remember the days when people were actually excited about receiving mail in their inbox. Well those days are long gone. Now, don’t get us wrong; email marketing is still one of the four quickest ways to achieve instantaneous sales and return on investment, but it is horrible with cold traffic. By cold traffic we mean by sending emails/offers out to people who haven’t expressly shown interest in your product or service.

Text Messaging (provided by seo services adelaide) on the other hand is far more likely to generate interest. Text messages are delivered 99% of the time and opened over 90% of the time. Some email messages end up in the junk or spam folder by accident, and less than 75% of all inbox messages are opened.

Mobile Optimised Sites

Have you ever noticed that when you visit some sites the text is very hard to read. You invariably end up leaving the site. This is because the site is not mobile optimised. And that is turning away potential customers. Especially if you are a service based business i.e. lawyer or financial planner and you really need potential clients to either call you or at least opt in to your contact list. For restaurants, bars, nightclubs and anything similar, having a mobile optimised site is an absolute necessity.

These are just a few of the benefits of mobile marketing and why it is so important for your business needs. (See for more information)

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