Google Places

Google Places

Whether you are just starting your own online business or are part of a large corporation, search engine optimization or SEO is a vital part of effective internet marketing strategy. SEO allows for potential customers to find your business through search engines in a much more efficient manner.

For businesses that are considering using web designers offering SEO packages, one important inclusion would be Google Places. Google Places was designed for businesses to have customers find them easily and quickly.

Whether you are doing your own SEO or having it done for you, having Google Places as part of the package is very important to the success of your internet marketing campaign. Here are just a few reasons why Google Places can work for your business.

Reach Millions of Google Users

Most people use search engines to find businesses online than any other method. Google Places allows businesses to be found very quickly using the standard Google search engine along with Google Maps for brick and mortar companies.

When combined with SEO, it means that these businesses can appear much higher on search result pages and have the added support of Google Places to boot.

Say What You Want

While your business may already show up on Google, adding it to Google Places means you can emphasize what you want to exploit a particular angle for your company. Plus, you can insure the accuracy of how your company is being represented and add new notifications so you can provide more information and provide new angles to pull in even more customers.

Maintenance & Options

It’s easy to maintain an online presence even if you do not have a website. However, when combined with SEO strategies, those that view Google Places can find out more pertinent information about a company which can influence their decision to make a purchase.

Businesses can even check to see how many times their listing has been viewed so they can note any rise or drop during their latest marketing campaign. Plus, you can augment your listing frequently to take advantage of new products and items that can create more sales. Having Google Places also doubles your chance of ending up on Google Page One for your keyword.


It cost nothing to register a business with Google Places and it only takes a few minutes to complete the process. Verification is required afterwards, but in essence it is easy to sign up. This means that registration is no issue and it can be done quickly which is advantageous for any internet marketing campaign that is starting soon.

For businesses looking to augment their SEO marketing, signing up with Google Places is a winning situation in all forms. There is no cost and it can bolster the effect of having people search for your products or services by providing valuable information about your company.

If your business is using a web design firm, check to see that they include Google Places as part of their SEO packages. This way, your business can cover a vital means of conveying powerful information to potential customers.



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