Facebook Marketing

The Basics of Facebook Marketing

For small online business, in particular those that are just starting out, marketing on Facebook can seem like a daunting challenge in many different respects. However, those who know how to market successfully based on their industry can reap benefits that can even surpass traditional SEO and linkbuilding strategies.

The key to marketing on Facebook is basing your strategy on building a loyal customer base through effective and regular posting of information, special discount and offers. This is a long term strategy that will lead to big results in terms to generating great return of investment ROI through your base of fans on Facebook.

Here are a few basic tips to help get your Facebook marketing strategy off the ground and generating faster results.

Be Personal

One of the basics in Facebook marketing is posting information about yourself, assuming you are running a small business. You don’t have to get into great details, but regularly posting interesting things you are currently doing builds great two-way communication with your fans. For example, if you are reading a new book, your child is having a birthday or you’ve learned a new lesson for the day, share it with your fans and watch the bond grow with them.

Fan Involvement

An oldie, but a goodie in Facebook marketing is involving your fans in promoting your products or services. For retail stores that offer a line of products, this can be an easy way to jump start sales by posing a simple question such as “What color running shoes would you buy today if they were on sale?” From the responses, put the most popular two or three colors on sale and watch the results come in.

Video Marketing

Today, video marketing is the hottest form of advertising on the internet. With most computers and smartphone devices able to easily upload short videos, the impact is simple astounding. Naturally, the video must be well produced with strong visual and audio quality.

Keeping the video short and to the point helps tremendously and effective humor can be the gateway to reaching bigger audiences. Videos are perfect for businesses that provide products or services that are highly visually appealing in nature, such as fitness for example.

Sponsored Posts

Another effective tool in Facebook marketing is using sponsored posts rather than just relying on direct postings to your fans. Remember that your business is competing with other businesses as well as their friends and quite often they may not see your regular posts. Using sponsored posts is very inexpensive, allowing you to experiment until you find the one that works best.

Optimal Posting Time

Obviously, all businesses want to post to their fans at a time where their message will stay on top the longest. This means doing a bit of research to see when might be the best time to post new information about products or services that you offer. By avoiding times of the day a lot of posts can quickly push away your message, your business can add more sales thanks to this effective form of Facebook marketing.


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