Coupon and Promotion Mobile Marketing

Promotion Marketing

One of the immediate and most effective characteristics of mobile marketing is its ability to garner publicity and intrigue through the use of promotion marketing. Promotion marketing can be incorporated into any mobile marketing campaign. For example, a recent case study involved generating publicity for a local women’s boutique shop. The boutique shop already had a strong customer base given its previous success, yet had not incorporated mobile marketing into their current marketing efforts and was finding attracting customers to their new (and pricier) store a more difficult proposition. By taking their customer lists and employing a “no sell” mobile marketing methodology, their new boutique store was brimming with customers in just a few short weeks.

The key to promotion marketing is to simply generate enthusiasm and excitement about a new event, which in this case was the opening of a boutique store, without directly selling to existing (or cold) customers. Simply getting them through the door is more than enough. For those businesses in the retail niche who do not have a huge customer base, or are just getting started, one of the quickest ways to build a loyal customer base is through Facebook as retail and Facebook have long gone hand in hand. Women spend more time on facebook than men (even though that gap is shrinking with the evolution of the “meterosexual” man) and they spend even more time on fashion!!!

Coupon Mobile Marketing

Once promotion mobile marketing has served its purpose it absolutely imperative that the local business does not lose touch with its customer base. A great way to do that is through coupon marketing. Whether it be a 2 for 1 deal, 20% off or even a free one on one fashion consultation, keeping your customers’ attention focused solely on your business is crucial to increasing sales and ROI.

This just highlights the power and impact mobile marketing can have on your business if done in the right way.

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