Conversion Optimisation

The Importance of Conversion Optimization

Getting people to your website is one thing, having them purchase is another. All the internet marketing strategies to pull people to your website can be all for naught if your website is not up to snuff. This falls into what is known as Conversion Optimization where people who are brought to your website by a variety of means become customers when they make a purchase.

Establishing trust is a vital part of having potential customers pay for products or services. Having a website that is poorly designed, missing key features or difficult to navigate will turn away potential customers no matter how eager they are to buy. Here are just a few reasons why customers can get turned off from making a purchase.

Poor Navigation

This, perhaps more than any other reason is what turns away potential customers. Your website needs to be simple, easy and intuitive to navigate. A customer that is led to your home page needs to find the product and pay for it quickly. This means no extraneous features that can distract or make it confusing for them to make a purchase.

Making website navigation easy should be the number one priority with easy to see products or services and large, easy to spot buttons with “Buy” written on them to accelerate the purchasing process. The easier and more intuitive the navigation, the more likely potential customers will become real customers.

Outdated Look

Your website should look up to date and seem as if it was created only a very short time ago using some of the latest features. Naturally, you do not have to use all the latest technology or software programs, but your website should look clean, efficient and modern.

Basically, if your website looks as if it was designed 15 years ago with tiny text crammed onto the home page complete with garish backgrounds, a phone number that is difficult to see,  you will turn away visitors before they even consider a purchase. Create an up-to-date website with simple, clean backgrounds and modern graphics and text.

No Call to Action

The basic selling process consists of making a pitch and then pushing the buyer to purchase the product. What brings people to your website, along with the information that is presented is your pitch. Most web owners are good at the pitch, but the final push to get them to buy is often missing. That final push is the call to action, the motivation to give potential customers a reason to buy your product or service.

Usually, the call to action is time related as for example;

“Why wait? There is no time like the present to have this product for your home, so go ahead and buy now to save money.”

Incorporating a call to action with a final sentence like that can significantly increase your sales because you are motivating the buyer to make a purchase. Quite often, telling a person to buy will trigger the response you need to get them to make the purchase.

Sales consist of more than just bringing people to your website. You must provide a reason why people should buy with a sleek, modern-looking website that is easy to navigate and provides a call to action so that visitors become customers.


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