Common Reputation Problems

The Most Common Online Reputation Problems


There are several factors online that are potentially harming and damaging your company’s online reputation. Most businesses are likely to come across some very common problems. In our experience, these are the most common problem…

  1. Professional and industry-wide perception of your company i.e. if other trusted professionals in your industry provide negative feedback or reviews of your brand or company then potential customers may come across that when searching for you, and may believe the negativity they read given that it comes from a trusted professional
  2. Hate sites: if you have ever dealt with a disgruntled employee leaving your company, or you’ve ever had a run-in with a particularly nasty and rude customer, it takes nothing for them to start a website and start posting all kinds of negative reviews about your company. Hate sites can be extremely detrimental to your company’s reputation, and it’s important that you do what you can to get them taken down as soon as you can. They can also be very hard to pinpoint, as web proxy’s can block a users real identity.
  3. Scandals or salacious stories involving your company. These are exceptionally popular and common. For example, if your company has been involved in any form of high level scandal to do with corruption, customer complaints etc it could still be lurking out in cyberspace, and it could be potentially damaging for your company, even if the incident occurred years ago, before there even was an internet
  4. Unscrupulous competitors: unfortunately this is a very real threat given how hard it is to track competitors who do this via proxy’s and third party sites. Competitors will place fake reviews and fake ratings to garner negative publicity. The important thing is that you find these online attacks and take care of them as soon as you can. Also, by having full time reputation analysers, you can remove the fake reviews or ratings before they take hold of the first page of Google.

So once you know what the biggest and most common online reputation management problems are, and you’ve identified where these problems lie online for your company, how do you go about fixing them? The first step is to hire a good marketing consultant who knows the ins and outs of online reputation management. These professionals are extremely familiar with these, and all other problems regarding online reputations, and they’ll be able to help you find and fix them. Over 70% of customers are swayed not to buy a product when they read a negative review online. How much is negative publicity costing your business?

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