Building Search Engine Momentum

Building Momentum

Successful business owners know that momentum is the key to achieving key performance indicators and business results. By taking action, and building momentum by accomplishing one task and goal after another, no matter how small they are to start off with. These “action steps” help build the foundation of a successful business organisation.

The same is true with your online presence. Building a small stream of momentum is a much more simplistic and preferable route to achieving the return on investment and sales any business is looking for. Firstly, having an aesthetically pleasing and converting site is paramount and critical to the success of your business, so that should be the first step addressed.

Secondly, proper keyword research and analysis will enable the construction of a reasonable timeline and budget. While there are never any guarantees with Google and their continuous algorithmic updates and changes, proper keyword research and the implementation of a timeline will help your business in building momentum and in having a chart from which to interpret and baser their results.

Bear in mind that fluctuations are bound to occur. In many instances we have achieved a first page ranking in less that a third of the time we quoted. However, given the Google “dance” and other algorithmic factors, had we changed our timeline and policy we would have never maintained that ranking. Staying the course, no matter what the obstacles or fluctuations, is the sure fire way to achieve results.

After keyword research comes identifying the easiest to rank for long tail keywords, which will begin to bring you traffic and sales. By ranking for the longer tail keywords, you are able to build momentum- not only from a business point of view- but from Google’s perspective as well. Google will see your site ranking for these long tail keywords and will reward you by increasing the authority and trust of your site, allowing your business to begin to rank for its main keyword, no matter how competitive it is.

The key to building momentum is to have the right strategy in place. The right strategy allows you to construct your timeline and budget appropriately, and enables you to meet key deadlines and achieve the key performance indicators necessary to ensure that your business is constantly building the momentum it needs to achieve results.

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